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Wie ich mir innerhalb eines Jahres mein Traumleben manifestierte

Here are the exact steps that I took and hopefully inspire you to start your journey to align with your higher self.

Once upon a time. Well July of 2021 to be exact…I found myself absolutely miserable, heartbroken and the furthest away from my dream life I have ever felt. I imagined myself married and having kids while being self employed as a psychotherapist or coach and living the best work-(family)-life balance ever in the most gorgeous dresses while doing some meditative gardening and baking a fresh lemon cake. But no I was single, alone in my apartment during lockdown, no job (thanks to covid) and no idea what to do next. So how did I get from there to now being in my dream relationship, a bonus mom, self employed as a coach and mentor and living the work-(family)-life balance in my most happiest and healthiest way I have ever been?

Honey… 12 months can feel like forever which means that a million things can happen (which is what we want!) and at the end of it you can’t believe that a whole year went by and you got as far as you did. So here are the exact steps that I took and hopefully inspire you to start your journey to align with your higher self: Step 1 – The Vision Can you picture your dream life on a daily basis? Before I started visualising I deleted instagram, facebook, anything that could trigger me into comparing or wanting the life other people wanted. All you need now are 5 minutes of your day for a whole month. It is absolutely key to give you this time and repeat this pratice for a minimum of 30 days.

Find a comfortable and quiet place. Close your eyes and just imagine what your dream day today would be like. Where would you have woken up, what would you smell, hear and see. What is your morning routine like? Is someone with you and who is that? And really allow yourself to be as detailled as possible. If you want you can take notes. You don’t need to set a timer as long as you allow yourself to go through a whole day of your dreams. If you repeat this daily you will notice that the dream days become less vacation-like and more how you want your daily life to be like. It might still be on an island but after time you will most likely figure out what your true purpose is and how you want to live your life. In my case, after a week of dreaming about the Caribbean’s, I started to see Lake Constance and a beatiful house with a English rose garden and a pool and space where I have my office and also a space where I can coach people and the kind of partner I would like and how it would feel like waking up in a bed full of my children and things like that. What I remember the most is how I happy and confident I felt. It wasnt rare that happy tears were running down my face while feeling love and gratitude for what felt already so real. Step 2 – Gratitude In order to turn my visualiziation into manifestation I ordered myself a 5-minute journal. And let me tell you this thing works! I can not even explain how quickly things started to happen after I followed the steps in this book. It is so simple, quick and easy and honestly so exciting to do every single day. Being grateful and seeing the good even in the now is what brings you the gifts of the future. That is the reason I still use this today! Step 3 - Taking active steps After a month of starting to see the patterns of what i truely want it was time to make a plan on what i can actively do to make this dream my reality. Moving to Lake Constance for example is something I could actively do. Feeling more beautiful in my skin by getting more educated on what kind of products my skin needs was something I could actively do. Sorting out the clothes that doesn’t make me feel pretty and don’t suite my dream style was something I was able to actively do. Every month I sold a few pieces of furniture, a few clothing items, bought one or two skin care products and one or two pieces for my wardrobe and kept applying for jobs and looking for apartments around Lake Constance. Without getting into to much detail - the point is you have a choice. You have the possibility to choose what you truly want every single day. And even if it is just the smallest of actions to get a tiny bit closer to that new reality – it will be worth it. I found a job at Lake Constance in November 2021. I got there with clear and glowy skin and a small suitcase with just my favourite items. My dream relationship took a little bit longer but definitely worth waiting for. This happened right before my one year mark in June 2022. I quit my job and started to work for myself in July 2022. My life is still not exactly how I would like it to be because some things, like creating a family, take more time and that is okay. And to be quite honest I feel like every time we reach a goal we automatically create a new one. The next level. I am already so grateful, happy and absolutely in love with my day to day life and everything else that I manifest from now on is just another cherry on top. Quick overview: 1. A lot can happen within 12 months. Sometimes the major things happen in month 12 ;) 2. Manifestation is not just about phantazising about your dream life. It’s is also about getting into action 3. Being grateful and seeing the good even in the now is what brings you the gifts of the future 4. You have the possibility to choose what you truly want every single day

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